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        Unidos began as a vision by its founder, Marlha Sanchez, who found herself struggling to find a homeschool community that shared her same passions and focus for her daughters' education. As a long-time community activist, Marlha had many resources and connections to share with others, but no group to share them with. And yet, she had several friends who shared in her frustration to find a place dedicated to uncolonizing education, and equipping children to be compassionate contributors to their communities. And so in 2015 she took those community-organizing skills and formed a homeschool cooperative in her own home. 

        As a grassroots movement, Unidos thrives in its commitment to adapt to the needs of the group. Now in our third year, we continue to evolve and grow as each year refines the focus and purpose of our cooperative. The group is strengthened by the involvement and commitment of the families that make-up this community. This is the key to our success.  This is what makes us more than a school. We are a tribe, relying on each other and carrying each other upward and onward, porque juntos si se puede. 


Marlha Sanchez

Marlha Sanchez is a homeschooling Mother of 7 and 13 year niñx, they have been homeschooling going on 8 years. She is the Founder of Unidos Homeschool Cooperative. Marlha identifies as Xicana Indigena and has been working in her community to decolonize education & homeschooling while keeping it accessible financially. Marlha draws on her lived experience, the study of ECE in her early college days, her continued self education as a parent, a passion for social justice, community organizing and activism.  She is dedicated to reimaging systems and structures that better support and serve BIPOC communities.

Danellia Arechiga

Danellia Arechiga is the mother to Corrie who is entering 3rd grade this Fall. Together, Danellia and Corrie are going on their 5th year of homeschooling. Danellia believes in the beauty of self-directed learning and is passionate about helping other parents unpack our ideas of what education looks and feels like and encouraging us to take our lead from our child(ren). Danellia is a full time birth worker and helps families of color return home to their true selves through vocal empowerment, education, and intergenerational healing.​

Karissa Raya 

Karissa is mama to 3.5 year old Olive.   As a doula and family and birth photographer, Karissa supports families in precious moments of transformation, empowering them to trust their intuitive nature and their capacity to know their child at a fundamental level.   It is through that work that she has come to a deeper understanding of herself, her relationship with community and her own  child.

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