Our community values y acuerdos are what we work to hold in hearts and minds as we learn with the children that come into our space. These are also the ways in which we strive to hold ourselves in working together and showing up in the larger contexts of our lives. When conflicts arise we focus a return to these goals, ideas, values and agreements.

  • We believe that a deeply rooted education must be holistic. Meaning that we strive to educate through all the senses and engaging the child-mind, body and spirit.

  • We believe that education should be trauma informed. Working from the understanding that as parents, teachers, and students we all come to this space with triggers, and trauma that must be acknowledged, validated and worked through in the safe spaces we hold and create.

  • We strive to operate as much as possible with nonviolent communication & Tansformative Justice and Restorative Discipline practices.

  • We understand the ways that Social Justice affects ALL of us. From how our students learn, to the health of our physical bodies, to our safety and ability to live well. And we actively engage in working for change however we are able. WE HAVE A DEEP COMITTMENT TO SOCIAL JUSTICE WORK & EDUCATION.

  • Decolonizing Education, We know that when we have a deep appreciation and connection to positive reflections of our own histories, cultures, languages and pracitces that we can be rooted in them and grow with radical self love, acceptance and reach new heights.

  • WE honor the original caretakers on the land we currently live on. We support local and global efforts to preserve those histories, to protect the sacred, preserve open spaces, live in a good way-in balance, and to preserve langugaes. We live on Ajachamen & Tongva land and we support local efforts with our intertribal community  such as #protectpuugna

  • Sustainbility Practices, we work to create sustainability for ourselves and our families and our Mother Earth.