people of migration/gente de migracion

Ours is a history or movement, of transition. Like the birds ,we have traveled over distances, over land and water, and settled in new lands. And the story of migration continues still. While we may not be together in body, we are still unidos de alma. Here are some who have had part in making and holding this community- who have walked with us but whose journey has called them to new lands far away. We are thankful that our seeds are being planted in new soils, and we hope that our vision will take root in these tierras nuevas.


Our Community

Sylvia Poareo

River Kinder EOY Ceremony.JPG

Susanne Arriaza

Mama de dos terremotos, and four dogs. Whittier and then Anaheim were my home for the first 37 years of life, and for the first foundational years for my ninos. We loved the community and family in beautiful LA/OC, this is what we miss the most. But Spirit called us to the pacific northwest, and we heeded the call. Bellingham, WA is where we call home now. It is beautiful in a different way. We are grateful for our time with Unidos and carry what we learned with us here in this land of the bald eagles and salmon.