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As a grassroots movement, we rely on the generosity of those who believe in our vision. Our needs are varied and we are grateful for any donations made to our escuelita. For some that may be money. For other that may be time and talent. It may even be used items. We are thankful for it all. 


Your monetary donation will be used to buy supplies, pay for field trips, guest teachers, and enrichment classes.


Many hands make a light load. Do you have a skill you could bless us with? A topic you would like to teach? A pair of hands willing to help us out on a work day? Let us know. 


Do you have an old play set, extra pencils, crayons, vegetable seeds, etc., that need a new home? Do you have extra food, or would you like to donate food for our family-style lunches so our kids can learn and cook together? Let us know.


For a lot of families who want to homeschool, it simply isn't financially possible. Unfortunately homeschooling seems to be a luxury for those who can afford to have a stay-at-home parent. But there are many of us committed to providing our children with rich cultural experiences, supporting emotional sensitivity, and awareness about the history of those who were subjugated and the impact that has had on society, however we cannot afford to not work. Your financial donations make it possible for places like Unidos to exist so that we may support each other on this beautiful and important journey. Please consider if you can help in realizing this vision.

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