UNIDOS en otoÑo
Our First Online, Public Curriculum Offering

 We began working in a seasonal way in our schooling at home 7 years ago - our rhythm has inspired and grown into the work below.  We aim to offer Chicano/Latinx/Mesoamerican/Indigenous families with a seasonal curriculum based on the rhythms and themes of the Americas. Here we highlight our languages, our history, our traditions, and folk arts. Because of COVID-19, this year is so different since we are much more limited in participating in person with our homeschool family and community where most of our learning is done. We never anticipated not being able to attend community events like Noche de Altares or not being able to meet in person, but the hidden gift has been that we have created a larger worldwide community. We feel blessed that we have been able to adapt and move into online mode.


This is NOT a “complete curriculum” in the ways we have come to understand curriculum in traditional schools and education, but it can be easily adapted to each family’s and student’s needs in many ways.


These lessons cover many areas of art, culture, history, science, and social studies and each lesson can be cut to suit the needs and attention spans of younger kids or expanded & deepened for the older kids.


We want to encourage you as a Parent Educator (and your child's/children's first teacher) to get creative. You will not find specific math lessons, but math lessons can easily be created from each weekly theme for the age/grade of your student/child.

You may also use this curriculum to supplement the traditional schooling/learning that is happening online or in other ways at home.


Each week is divided into a few parts.  

  1.  Theme of the Week

  2. Key Words

  3. Videos of the Week

  4. Books of the Week

  5. Songs of the Week

  6. Hands on Activities 

There are many links to choose from when working through this curriculum; don’t feel pressured to watch them all. We wanted to present material for all ages. Some videos are in English, others in Spanish or bilingual, and most are labeled. Also we’ve added the lengths of most of the videos to aid families with younger kids or those with shorter attention spans. Follow your child’s lead, this is meant to be fun! If they are getting overwhelmed take a pause and maybe do less. We also want to encourage everyone to reach out to their own family members for recipes, traditions, and histories.


This curriculum is designed for BIPOC groups and families following seasonal and social justice themes aimed at lifting up and centering BIPOC voices and stories.

If you are not from these cultures we want to invite you to learn about them, and then take it deeper by exploring your own ancestral traditions, stories, etc. and honor those. Learning, respecting, and honoring your own ways and those of others is vital work and teaching for all of us.

We want to give thanks to Chicana Motherwork for their Summer Social Justice Curriculum which inspired us to gather our Fall Resources and share what we do each Fall in a new way and with the larger community.

Use #unidosenotoño on social media so we can all see each other's projects and process. We hope you enjoy this work as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together for you!

It's here!


Suggested Donation

$10 for single family use


*We ask that if you are using this for a group please consider giving a larger amount.

**No donation is too small, enter the value you have the capacity to contribute.


Upon donating you will be redirected to the download page.